Gov.Akeredolu Threatens To Shut Down AAUA

Some Union leaders across the state universities in Ondo state, alongside some leaders of the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) had Storm the government Office at Alagbaka, Akure, Ondo state to dialogue with the state Governor Akeredolu as regard the 500%  fees hike in all state Universities of the state.

The Union, which storm Alagbaka yesterday's evening was rejected by the Governor and were also teargassed out of the state house by the security operatives of the domain. While unveiling their ordeal to students, the Union said they have come to make pleas and beseech the Governor so as to help review their tuition fees, but the Governor had rejected them and also informed them that he would close AAUA up. He also said he doesn't mind loosing his second term ambition.

Meanwhile, the students had shown desertification in the rude and callous comment by the Governor, And they have vowed to take over the protest by setting the Internet burning with the hashtag " #AketiReduceorResign", all this was seen all over twitter, Facebook,  whatsapp, IG among others.

They also will make sure the Governor doesn't win in the upcoming election, they have promised to stage a protest (Aluta)  in which many are anticipating for, the Union leaders say all students should be calm as the protest date and venue shall be  communicated rsooner.  Besides, in a bit to make the protest a concrete one, the National Association of Nigeria Students NANS has made its lintension known by relocating its Secretariat to Akure.

In a recent development, the AAUASU PRO has released same letter, he assured all students to be calm and listen to their next line of action that would be made known today.

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